Holiday Rentals

Enjoy your Ibiza vacation in a villa or finca according to your ideas. We broker properties in every price range.

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Villa Sale

Fulfil your dream of owning your own property in Ibiza. To go on vacation, to get out of the car or as a perfect and crisis-proof investment

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Do you have clear ideas and plans for your dream home in Ibiza? Then we are your partner for professional implementation.

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Each property needs maintenance and care. We are your reliable partner in Ibiza.

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Recent Properties

Ibiza - the place to be! Either for holiday or for life!

What you are looking for?

Whatever it is - we have the right property for you!


Whichever style you want for your own home - we have the right property for you.

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Do you want as little effort as possible with your Ibiza property? Then you are exactly right with the choice of an apartment.

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Building land in Ibiza is rare. However, our years of activity here on the island enable us to offer some properties.

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Ibiza offers the perfect location for many industries. No matter whether as an extension or a start-up. We have the right rooms for you.

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Do you want to sell your house or apartment?

We are your reliable partner in Ibiza!

So much more

We offer all property services you need

New construction

We execute your living space right through to the end and ensure a reliable delivery of the keys on time.

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Our landscape gardeners will draw up sketches to suit your wishes and then take care of the maintenance throughout the year.

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Pools – construction and water proofing

We are happy to support you in the planning of the project and the permit procedures. Works will be carried out following the deadline and we can take care of the approval process with the local authorities.

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